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Strictly Roots Reggae Series Vol 1 takes you back to the iconic sound of 70s roots reggae. The raw and electrifying music emanating from Jamaica that captured our imagination with artists such as Burning Spear, Marley, Abyssinians, Sly & Robbie, Agggrovators, Lee “Scratch” Perry, King Tubby - those tuff driving riddims, hypnotic bass lines, punchy horns, slightly off-kiltered pianos skanks, bubbling organs and chicken scratch guitar skanks all layered with a variety of percussion instruments that culminated to create a unique and defining style and sound.

Live instrumentation and performance: the focus for this pack is on the “human” element. There are slight imperfections, timing moments that just miss the “quantized beat”, notes that add a shade of “blue”, a little natural hiss that emanates from guitar amps and bits of noise from analog equipment - all with the aim to provide a highly usable loop pack that brings that little bit extra “something special” to any song.



Roots Rock feat Micah Shemaiah, Lasai & Big Sugar



Limited edition 7" vinyl now available

Dub Pistols v Dubmatix + Gaudi Stepper Dub

Pressed on Blue Vinyl, with proceeds going to Tonic Mental Health Trust, helping people to recover through music.

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DREAD HORNZ 4GB  (2589 loops)

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Dread Hornz 
takes inspiration from the classic ‘70s horn-driven reggae recordings of Jamaica - think of The Abyssinians Satta Massagana and it’s haunting horns, Burning Spear’s majestic intensity and Marley’s anthemic horn stabs that punctuated his lyrics.

It’s those magical sounds that we’ve aspired to: the slightly bent notes, the lagged playing style, the beautiful imperfections, the plaintive, hypnotic melancholy, that captured your imagination and struck a chord. It is all of those elements that embodies the essence of Dread Hornz.

Performed by the Booom HornzDread Hornz contains 10 song folders. Each song folder has multiple horn lines and riffs. Created for maximum flexibility and usability the pack includes Full Horns (Trumpet, Tenor Sax and Trombone) separated parts and riffs in different keys and 6 multiple FX processed versions of each “Dry” loop : FilterEchoLoFi, Multi FXPhaseReverb and SpaceEcho.


935MB (24 dry loops & 205 FX processed loops)

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Soul Keys Vol 1 harkens back to that moment when soul and funk crossed over in the early '70s to create a new sound, a new feeling and a new mood and at the heart of this new sonic movement was the Rhodes. Hits from Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Bitches Brew, Bob Marley and more utilized that defining lush, smooth sound that has become ubiquitous over the years.

Soul Keys Vol 1 Provides a slate of rhythmic textures and sonics for maximum inspiration. From the original dry (no fx) loops to the 7 alternate fx processed loop sets that include EchoSpace Echo (the iconic Roland 201-Space Echo and it’s wobbly grit), Galaxy which is a multi-fx version that includes flanger, phaser, compression, stereo spread, delay, reverb and a touch of distortion, to the rhythmic LFO LFO Echo treated versions that hum with groove and finally to the always cool LoFi and Reverb options.

Performed by Bill King
Bill King has been playing piano, organ, Rhodes, clavinet, arranging, music director for over 50 years with such artists as Janis Joplin, Rick James, Martha Reeves, Pointer Sisters, and written for Chaka Khan and many more.


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